The booking experience

Simple, mobile-friendly booking
Customers can book your tour in about a minute. Everything is optimized for speed and looks great on mobile

E-mail confirmation
After booking, the customer receives an e-mail confirmation with their tour time, your location, and your contact information

Your web site and your branding
Customers book through a simple popup, never leaving your web site

The customer receives an e-mail reminder of their tour the evening before


At your business

Quick summary
See at a glance how many spots are left in your tours for the day

Track attendance
Mark attendance as people arrive, so you know when everyone has showed up

Add reservations at point-of-sale
Manually add reservations for walk-ins

Search customers
Can't find a reservation? Search by customer name, phone number, or e-mail

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More ways to customize

Logo and tour image
Add your logo and an image of your tour to brand the booking experience

MailChimp integration
Add customers to your existing MailChimp list

Intro message
Introduce your customers to your tour before they book

Confirmation message
Include check-in instructions and a thank-you in the confirmation e-mail that customers receive after they book